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Our Tradition for Giving

Afterlife Tours, Inc. is giving a percentage of every ticket sold to Bluff City Cemetery, to assist them in the preservation, and reconstruction, of this historic cemetery.

Even if you are a Skeptic or a True Believer of Ghosts... as long as you believe that cemeteries should be apart of our heritage, and local history... please support Afterlife Tours, Inc. with our mission.

All Tours:

$50 per person

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Warning! - Afterlife Tours does not recommend our Paranormal Investigation Tours for people that have a Heart Condition, or other Medical Conditions, which may be aggravated by experiencing Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activities are beyond our control and are extremely unpredictable. We cannot guarantee that you will have a paranormal experience, more importantly, we cannot guarantee that you won't!



What is a Haint, Spirit, Specter, or Ghost?


 It may be residual energy left over from the living body. It may be a spirit of the person that has chosen to stay behind. It may be the reality of Life after Death. Or, maybe that they are waiting for Resurrection Day to rising From the Dead..

Many Religions have different explanations to what happens to you after death. We leave it up to you to decide what Life may or may not be after Death,

We Are Here For You


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