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Afterlife Tours, Inc.

An Illinois Corporation Established 15 March 2016



Executive Summary


Afterlife Tours, Inc. is a business whose operations specialize in the Paranormal Investigation Service industry.


Based out of North Aurora, Afterlife Tours, Inc. provides reliable service, a friendly atmosphere, and knowledgeable expertise.


Afterlife Tours, Inc. strives to excel in the paranormal Investigative Services business by offering paranormal investigative tours in cemeteries that are unlike any other ghost tours because this is not a theatrical performance but rather we provide our guests with a view of the reality of afterlife activities and use paranormal equipment as well as the techniques we use are how we separate the facts from fiction.


We explore the cemetery and allow the residents of the cemetery to come forward and make their presence known to our guests. We conduct our tours at night as to not interfere with cemetery day-to-day operations or family members paying their respects to their departed loved ones.


Our presence in the cemeteries reduces the threats of criminal trespass and vandalism as we take the utmost care to respect the residents of the cemeteries we visit.


We take pride in our commitment to support the historical treasures and preservation of cemeteries through donations, as allowed by the Illinois cemetery laws.


We work closely with the cemetery associations, owners, and local law enforcement to preserve, protect and honor, those buried there, by always conducting ourselves in a professional and respectful manner

Our Humble Beginings


Several years ago I helped another company to grow and expand in this field of tourism.

After a time we grew into different directions. The original company was more about walk and talk and I was more into experiencing the 'Other Side'.

So today we now do experiences at multiple cemeteries for you to Experience for yourself the 'Other Side'

Our Staff

Our Scouts are knowledgeable in cemetery history, and are there to help you to better understand what we believe is Paranormal of Spirit activity.

We will provide you with the tools of the trade, for use during your Cemetery Experience.

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