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Our Glowing Spooky Reviews

Melissa Martin Ellis, Author of "The Everything Ghost Hunting Book" had this to say about our company...
“Looks as if you folks really take the right approach. I love that you ask people to be respectful and give part of the proceeds back to the cemeteries involved".

Kit L.

Not your usual guidebook ghost tour where you could get the same information while sitting and reading a book. If you are more into the exploration of the paranormal, these are your go-to people. they explore the site and find where the best spots for potential contact are.

Jamie L.

Went on my first tour recently and had a great time! The guides are so friendly and knowledgeable, they really make the experience memorable. I'm definitely going again, this time with the whole family!

Carla A. 

If you like cemeteries at night this is awesome! We went to the Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin. The tour guides are great. Very informative of the "residents". It is 3 hours so wear good walking shoes. Great time! Totally recommend!

Deborah V. 

Afterlife tours are two friends who love to educate and show us all about old cemeteries. The history behind them and those that walk among it during the night. Lots of history & more important a lot of spirit activity. Nothing is staged and no two tours are the same.

Kelly K. 


Had a great tour! Will be going again

Sharyn B.

I do believe we have spirits existing around us. Some people are more prone to actually feel spiritual energy. My sister is one of them. The history of Bluff Cemetery, Elgin, is incredible. The moving of the energy rods was just icing on the cake. Would we go again? The answer is, "Yes," but we won't need to wait for Halloween. We can go anytime!!

Rosario Guzman

I had an amazing time at our cemetery tour at Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin. Both guides were informative, knowledgeable and were so interesting. They both had a great sense of humor and ensured our safety came first. We learned a lot & had a blast communicating with 'residents' and we got to see quite a few shadow people. I highly recommend this tour.


Karen Frantz O'Shea

We had a great time at the Oakwood Cemetery Tour. John and Mike were energetic, informative and funny! We had quite a few spirits that wanted to make their presence known. We stayed after and talked to John and Mike for quite a bit and were able to see some of the pictures they've taken of different areas. John even offered to review photos from a different trip for me!

Thank you again and we'll probably see you next year for Bluff City! 

Tania Diaz 

It was our first moonlit cemetery tour at Bluff City and it was a great experience! The history of the cemetery and communicating with the "residents" and shadow people was very interesting. The tour guides were wonderful. We are planning to do this again! We would definitely recommend.

Trish DeWitt 

Just did the Oakwood cemetery tour. Had an amazing time! These guys are so much fun and let you experience things on your own while guiding you through the cemetery and giving you historic details. I'm signing up for Bluff City too! You will not be disappointed.

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