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Oakwood Cemetery

NO TOUR 2019

Cemetery Under Construction for new roadways



Oakwood Cemetery of Joliet, Illinois was incorporated by Act of the General Assembly, February 18th, 1855.  It is a tract of land comprising forty acres, more or less. It is located one mile east of Joliet.

The land seems by nature to have been intended for the very purpose to which it has been dedicated. It consists of an undulating terrace overlooking the valley through which Hickory Creek glides on its course, and ornamented by the magnificient foliage of hundreds of native forest trees, it is indeed one of the loveliest spots for silent repose that can be found in the west.  The surface is one vast lawn, underlaid by a shallow covering of rich loam resting upon a bed of fine gravel, many feet in depth.

We at Afterlife Tours, Inc. wanted to let everyone know some additional facts about Oakwood Cemetery.


Over the years Oakwood Cemetery has had periods of being abandoned. During these times vandalism has occurred. Many of the headstones have been decimated, moved, and spray painted.

When the current owners took over the cemetery it was overgrown. Meticulous mowing took weeks, just to find the headstones. 


The owners have been trying to place headstones back into their original location. However, the cemetery office had been destroyed by a fire decades ago. Most of the cemetery records were destroyed in that fire!


The current owners have asked us to try and determine where the misplaced headstones should be relocated.


As you may have read, many of the sensitives and psychics that were on our inaugural Moonlit Cemetery Experience stated that the residents of Oakwood Cemetery are Angry and Confused about the condition of their cemetery!


We know that many headstones are over the wrong people, many of the cemetery residents complain about the vandalism of the headstones of loved ones, in Oakwood Cemetery.


Afterlife Tours, Inc. is committed to correct these atrocious acts of desecration to Oakwood Cemetery. By attending one of our Moonlit Cemetery Experiences, you will help to preserve and restore this magnificent cemetery!


We at Afterlife Tours, Inc. look forward to meeting you, and for you to see first hand this beautiful cemetery. You may even have an experience of communicating with one or more of the resident's in the cemetery.


Please make your reservation today and help preserve Oakwood Cemetery for generations yet to come!

Moonlit Cemetery Experiences are held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 2019


Afterlife Tours, Inc.

Our Tradition for Giving

Afterlife Tours, Inc. is giving a percentage of every ticket sold to Bluff City Cemetery, to assist them in the preservation, and reconstruction, of this historic cemetery.

Even if you are a Skeptic, or a True Believer of Ghosts... as long as you believe that cemeteries should be apart of our heritage, and local history... please support Afterlife Tours, Inc. with our mission.

All Tours:

$50 per person

Make Your Reservation Now by clicking on the link below

Pre-Planning For Your Cemetery Experience

Things you should plan and bring to a Cemetery Experience.

* Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the Cemetery Experience to check in.

* We ask that everyone be respectful of the Dearly Departed.

* NO Smoking or Alcohol is permitted in the Cemeteries.

 What to Bring:

*  Sturdy Walking Shoes, (as some of the      Cemetery is mostly grass and dirt roads). 

* Dress for the weather, (hot, cold, wet, icy, etc.).

* flashlight

* bug spray

*  camera,

* Your own Ghost Tools (if you own any),

* TIPS for the the hard working Scouts

*  Finally an Open Mind.

What is a Haint, Spirit, Specture, or Ghost?


It may be residual energy left over from the living body. It may be a spirit of the person that has chosen to stay behind. It may be reality of Life after Death. Or, may be that they are waiting foor Resurrection Day to Rise From the Dead..

Many Religions have different explanations to what happens to you after death. We leave it up to you to decide what Life may or may not be after Death,

We Are Here For You


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have


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