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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ghost tour?

A ghost tour is a walking tour where guides take you to locations that have a history of paranormal activity. You will hear stories, legends or tales of hauntings. We are NOT Story Tellers on our Paranormal Investigation Tours. We do not refer to Ghosts as they are usually dressed in white sheets and named Casper. These were once living people, just like you. So we only refer to them as Spirits.

What is a Paranormal Investigation Tour?

While ghost tours are about the stories and history, Paranormal Investigation Tours is all about the Experience! You will get to use paranormal investigation equipment yourself.  Paranormal Investigation Tours offers guests the most potential to have a paranormal experience. For that reason, they are not for everyone - the investigation tour was designed with adventurous souls in mind. All of our Cemeteries are entirely outdoors, at night.

What equipment do you use on the Paranormal Investigation Tours?

Our Paranormal Investigation Tours include the use of our equipment ranging from EMF detectors, infrared temperature laser guns, grid lights, and Spirit Rods. 

Can you guarantee we will see a Spirit?

Some of our guests through the years have reported seeing apparitions, feeling their clothing tugged by invisible forces, smelling phantom fragrances, and hearing disembodied voices, as well as having captured mists, and even full-bodied apparitions in their photographs.  However, Spirits are extremely unpredictable and no legitimate paranormal tour can guarantee you will have any experience. 

How scary is the tour?

We DO NOT have actors that will jump out to scare you as you would find at a commercial haunted house.  However, we are talking about REAL documented hauntings, and the possibility of a supernatural experience makes that more frightening to many than the fake stuff. That is why young children are not allowed on the Paranormal Investigation Tours where the chance of such an encounter is enhanced, and no one under 18 is permitted on the cemetery tours.

How much does the tour cost?

The Paranormal Investigation Tours are $50 for adults 18+.

A percentage is donated back to the cemeteries for restoration and preservation. 

When are the tours?

We offer tours Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 9 pm CT June-Nov. Weather Permitting and that our tour minimums are met.

Why are our tours only at night?
We do not want to interfere with the day to day operations of the cemetery, funerals in progress, or to interfere with people paying respects to loved ones.

How long does each tour take?

Paranormal Investigation Tours take 3 hours.

Are there Restroom Facilities Available?
No, there are no restroom facilities available in the cemeteries.
For Bluff City Cemetery we recommend the McDonalds two Traffic Lights West of the cemetery.
For Spring Lake cemetery there is a restaurant just across the street. 

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

The Paranormal Investigation Tours are wheelchair accessible with a companion. Bluff City Cemetery is mostly very steep hills and Spring Lake Cemetery is mostly flat but has mainly dirt/grass roads. 

Because Bluff City Cemetery Paranormal Activity has proven to be dangerous for powered wheelchairs/scooters they are not allowed.

Is the tour pet-friendly?

pets other than service animals are not allowed on the Paranormal Investigation Tours, by cemetery laws.  

Are children allowed on the tour?

Children are not allowed on our Paranormal Investigation Tours and though we do not require ID, our Paranormal Investigation Tours is 18+ only.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups of 10 or more! Call 630.330.3595 for details.

How do I buy tickets?

You may purchase tickets through the ticket links on our website. Because our tours regularly sell out, we strongly suggest buying your tickets in advance so you do not miss your chance of experiencing one of the most popular and best Paranormal Investigation Tours in Illinois!

Please note that, if no one has made a reservation for a tour 2 Hours prior to its start time, the tour will be canceled.

Where does the tour begin?

All of our Paranormal Investigation Tours start right at the cemetery.

Where do we park?

Bluff City Cemetery you will park on Bluff City Blvd at the cemetery fence. 

Spring Lake Cemetery you will park inside the cemetery gates in the designated parking area.

What should I bring with me?

Comfortable Sturdy walking shoes are a must! As we will be outdoors, water and weather-appropriate gear are common items. A small flashlight and Bug Spray.

What happens if it rains?

We do our tours rain or shine, Spring and Fall Seasons do bring misty rains and fog, as long as conditions are not dangerous. 

We cannot do Paranormal Investigation Tours in significant Rain, Lightning, or High Winds.
If we have to cancel a Paranormal Investigation Tour, we will reschedule you for another date of your choosing. If you have a question about whether or not the tour will run, please call us at 630.330.3595

What happens if I am running late for a tour?

Because we have other guests, our tours do leave on time. However, if you know that you will be running late, then call us 630.330.3595 and we will let you know whether we can have someone at the cemetery gate to walk you to the first stop. 

How much walking is involved with each tour?

The tour itself is approximately 1 mile, more or less, in length, with several stops for investigations along the way.  

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, we encourage guests to bring cameras! We will point out the best places to possibly get Spirit photos during the Paranormal Investigation Tour.

Can we bring our own personal paranormal equipment?

We encourage it! As our Paranormal Investigation Tours take place in locations that have a high number of reports of paranormal activity, the Paranormal Investigation Tour offers the opportunity for both paranormal enthusiasts and experienced paranormal investigators to use their own equipment to seek out hauntings. We offer EMF detectors for free use during our tours.

OUIJA or SPIRIT boards are not allowed
We do ask that you please let us know what equipment you have brought with you so that it would not get mixed in with any equipment we may be utilizing on our paranormal Investigation Tour.

Is tipping allowed?

Yes, while of course not required, if you have enjoyed your Paranormal Investigation Tour, our guides greatly appreciate gratuities.

Is alcohol or smoking allowed?

Because the state has a “no open container” law, alcohol is not allowed in the cemeteries, and because we want to make sure that any spirit photos our guests get are legitimate, we ask that you refrain from smoking cigarettes/cigars/pipes of any variety during your paranormal Investigation Tour.

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