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Aux Sable Cemetery


You will find this cemetery in the TOP TEN lists  for Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois, or even the Midwest!

The cemetery was opened 1833

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We at Afterlife Tours, Inc. wanted to let everyone know some additional facts about Aux Sable Cemetery.

If you do a search for Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois, Aux Sable Cemetery always makes the Top 10 lists.

One of its prominent residents is Mary Ann Hess - Cryder a true D.A.R. She was the daughter of George Baltzer Hess. George Baltzer Hess was George Washington's Body Guard and was with him during the famous crossing of the Delaware.


The cemetery pre-1800 was with the Pottawatomie Indians. The tribe had their home on this land, because of the waterways surrounding the property. They also buried their dead on this land. So at one time, there was an Indian Burial Mound. The practice of the Indian Burials, was to bury their dead with their most treasured possessions.


Once settlers came to this area, they started to desecrate the Indian Burial Mound to steal these possessions, leaving the Indians remains disturbed. The Indians were never buried again, and no one knows what actually happened to their remains.

Today it is Private Property, and the Owner Prosecutes All  Trespassers!  

There are reports, soon after the desecration of the Indian Burial Mound, that the settlers started disappearing, one by one, and no one knows what happened to them.

In the 1800's more people started to settle in the area. They chose the mound, thinking it was a good final resting place , unaware that it was already a burial ground.

Now the cemetery has a lot of Paranormal stories associated with it. From the early days, there have been Disappearances, The Sounds of Horses, Orbs, Portals to The Gates of Hell, and of a little girl that wanders the cemetery.

There is a Dead Tree at the back of the cemetery, that the only road in the cemetery circles around this dead tree. Rumor has it that if you back your car up to the tree, weird things happen, such as electric windows go up and down on their own, and that your door locks will lock and unlock. it is believed that in the 60's-70's Witches performed some type of rituals at the tree.

It is said that there is a path leading to route 6 was used for Satanic Rituals. This path has been closed off, and no signs of rituals had been found.

There is a caretakers building in the cemetery that was built in 1913. One of the most repeated stories is that there are three tunnels in the building. Two of them lead nowhere, but the third was to take you to the Gates of Hell! The history of this small structure is that the three tunnels have been sealed off and will never be reopened.

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There are many stories about a young girl wandering the cemetery. We have been told that a young girl was murdered in the cemetery, but are not sure when it happened. There is another story that a young girls headstone was removed and taken to a grade school, in a nearby town. This has caused the girl to wander the cemetery. However the headstone was found, and returned to it's rightful place in the cemetery. It is said that the young girl is probably about 6 years old.

The last two stories we have heard are that the young girl likes to close the cemetery gates, when you try to leave the cemetery, and lastly I have heard that if you park your car on the bridge, and turn off your engine, you can hear horses and a wagon carrying the dead into the cemetery.

Now That You Have Read About This Cemetery,

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